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I came to Ireland back in 2004 to learn English to better my education and have more opportunities  back in Spain. Instead I found my path in life and I fell in love with the country and the people. Since I rooted here to stay. I formed a family and I live happily in an small village in Co. Carlow with my husband and two children.

My background has always  been arts and sports. I Graduated in 2008 in Interior Design with a High National Diploma, Studied Fine Arts in Madrid and worked in Cartoons for over 7 years as an animator and designer.  I always loved sports. Sports always has been a big part of who I am. During my school years I was practicing several sports, mainly Rhythmic Gymnastics, Basketball and Volleyball, at competition level. I strongly believe that  these years made an imprint in my physical makeup and made me understand the importance of physical activity for everyone and in children in particular. Our bodies are designed to move in order to balance all our bodily functions. But lets's leave that topic for my blog where I will talk extensively about this and other interesting topics.

Yoga in my life

I have been practising Yoga for the last 9 years, almost every day. Since I had my first child I was unable to go to the gym or for a run as easily as before. I found I was able to practice yoga at home during my baby's naps I also found that Yoga provided the same benefits as any other cardiovascular sport and many other benefits other sports did not provide like elasticity of muscles, joint health, mental stability and stillness of mind. I became a savvy yogi and I self taught from books, online videos and anywhere I could get information about yoga, until I decided to study to become a yoga teacher back in 2017.


Having two small children and little family support does not allow you find many opportunities to explore and grow on a personal level. This was a handicap for me during the first 4 years of motherhood and I found that period of my life most  challenging and mentally and emotionally draining. Depression then sink in. I was diagnosed with Antenatal Depression and it lingered for the duration of those first few years of my children's life. I found that Yoga helped me greatly overcome this illness and its harrowing effects. Even though it was a slow process, I started to be able to discern the negative feelings and thoughts and allow them to pass without judgment. A combination of Yoga and therapy was crucial on this realization but family support and compassion is the foundation for anyone to overcome a serious mental Illness like depression. As soon as my husband graduated from a 4 year part time engineering course in Dublin he was able to then take over during his after-work hours, so I signed up to what it has become the greatest and most exciting experience of my life. I decided to become a Yoga Teacher!!




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